For those of you aren’t familiar with me, I started in business in 1968 with a few autographs for sale from my personal collection. The business has since grown over the past 40+ years to include autographs, autographed photos, celebrity autographs and historical autographs from famous people and celebrities past and present. I’m a former Director of the UACC, have issued over 100 autograph catalogs and even held a few auctions.

In this website you’ll find brief descriptions of a number of autographs, autographed memorabilia, celebrity autographs and historical autographs currently available. You can see images and photos of these pieces by clicking on the name of the piece.

Your questions are always welcome.

If you purchase any autographs or memorabilia from my website, you will receive a copy of the next few catalogs sent to you before they are sent to non-buyers on my list.

Also, be sure to read about how you can get a $497 signed, limited edition collectible for free! Details are in this catalog.

Everything I sell – autographs, autographed memorabilia, celebrity autographs, historical autographs or anything else on this website – is unconditionally guaranteed genuine for life.

Postage and insurance is additional on all orders.